St.Marys College Thrissur Reaccredited by NAAC with A+ Grade

Research Guides and Research Scholars

Name Year of Recognition Research Centre Name Year of registration Title of the thesis Year of award of Ph.D.
Dr. Sr. Magie Jose 2011 Department of Mathematics, St. Mary's College Sowmya K 2014 A Study of Clifford Algebra & Its application in Robotics
K.L Swarna 2015 Applications of fuzzy soft matrix theory in decision making problem
Sukanya K.P 2015 Common fixed point theorem for maps in fuzzy matric and g-matric Spaces
Tintumol Sunny 2015 Studies on interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy line graphs and its properties.
Shahana A.R 2019 Study of generalised fuzzy normed spaces
Magi. P.M 2019 Study of the spectral properties of graphs derived from commutative rings