St.Marys College Thrissur Reaccredited by NAAC with A+ Grade

Evaluation & Assessment

Mark system is followed instead of direct grading for each question. For each course in the semester letter grade and grade point are introduced in 10-point indirect grading system.

Course Evaluation

The evaluation scheme for each course shall contain two parts
1.Internal assessment of 20% weight
2. External Evaluation of 80% weight

Internal Assessment

20% of the total marks in each course are for internal examinations. The marks secured for internal assessment only need to be sent to University by the colleges concerned. The internal assessment shall be based on a predetermined transparent system involving written tests, Class room participation based on attendance in respect of theory courses and lab involvement/records attendance in respect of Practical Courses. Internal assessment of the project will be based on its content, method of presentation, final conclusion and orientation to research aptitude.
a) Components with percentage of marks of Theory Courses are-
Test paper -40%
Assignment - 20%
Seminar - 20%
Class room participation based on attendance -20%
b) For practical courses –
Record - 60%
Lab involvement - 40%

To ensure transparency of the evaluation process, the internal assessment marks awarded to the students in each course in a semester shall be notified on the notice board at least one week before the commencement of external examination. There shall not be any chance for improvement for internal marks. The course teacher(s) shall maintain the academic record of each student registered for the course, which shall be forwarded to the University by the college Principal after obtaining the signature of both course teacher and Head of the Department.

Exernal Evaluation

External evaluation carries 80% of marks. All question papers shall be set by the University. The external question papers may be of uniform pattern with 80/60 marks. The courses with 2/3 credits will have an external examinaion of 2 hours duration with 60 marks and courses with 4/5 credits will have an external examination of 2.5 hours duration with 80 marks. The external examination in theory courses is to be conducted by the University with question papers set by external experts. The evaluation of the answer scripts shall be done by examiners based on a well-defined scheme of valuation and answer keys shall be provided by the University. The external examination in practical courses shall be conducted by two examiners – one internal and an external, the latter appointed by the University. The project evaluation with viva can be conducted either internal or external which may be decided by the Board of Studies concerned. After the external evaluation only marks are to be entered in the answer scripts. All other calculations including grading are done by the University
Indirect Grading System
Evaluation (both internal and external) is carried out using Mark system .The Grade on the basis of total internal and external marks will be indicated for each course, for each semester and for the entire programme.
Indirect Grading System in 10 -point scale is as below:

Ten point Indirect Grading System

Percentage of Marks(Internal & External put together) Grade Interpretation Grade point Average(G) Range of grade points Class
95 and above O Outstanding 10 9.5 -10 First class with Distinction
85 to below 95 A+ Excellent 9 8.5 -9.49 First class with Distinction
75 to below 85 A Very good 8 7.5 -8.49 First class with Distinction

Students can apply for photocopies of answer scripts of external examinations. Applications for photocopies/scrutiny/revaluation should be submitted within 10 days of publication of results. The fee for this shall be as decided by the University.