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Parent-Teacher Association plays a vital role in the functioning and upliftment of the College. Parents of all students are the members of the P T A. An Annual General Body Meeting is held every year. Representatives to the PTA Executive Committee are elected through the General Body Meeting. PTA executive represents parents in various activities of the College and in different Committees. Executive Committee consists of 15 members, Principal, 9 elected members,2 nominated members, and 3 faculty members. PTA Executive Committee acts as a link between parents and institutions. It works closely with Parents, Teachers, and Management. PTA organizes variety co-curricular and extracurricular programs. Personal and financial support for extension, infrastructure development, and student support is provided by the PTA. The Committee meets every month and discusses programs and activities of the College. PTA also takes initiative in providing welfare schemes for students. Class/Batch wise parent-teacher meetings are arranged for effective parent-teacher interactions.

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Alumnae Association of the College exists from the time the first batch moved out from the institution. All students who have pursued various courses in the College and retired faculty of the institution are members of Elder Marian- Alumnae Association. Elder Marian was registered under Societies Act 12, 1955, Reg. No TSR/TC/112/2019 in February 2019. Alumnae Annual Reunion and General Body is held every year on 26 th January and variety programmes are organized and Annual newsletter Reverie is released on the occasion. Alumnae Executive Committee is elected in the General Body and meets every second Friday of the month. Alumnae achievers are congratulated and senior members of the Alumnae are honored on the day. Department level alumnae gathering and meetings are arranged occasionally. Faculty and alumnae keeps a bond through social media also. Elder Marian contributes financially towards the extension activities, scholarships, prizes and other free ships and for infrastructure augmentation and maintenance. Alumnae join hands with students and faculty in organizing different academic programme and other extension activities every year. Elder Marian members extends their academic and general knowledge to the student community by delivering talks, conducting co- curricular and extracurricular programmes. Gem of St Mary's Competition to select the best outgoing student is organized each year. Alumnae often serve as resource persons for expert lectures, judges for various competitions, mentor and guide advanced and slow learners. College has a Book Bank contributed by Elder Marian. Alumnae is represented in IQAC and various committees.

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SMART is the Retired Teachers Association of St. Mary's College, Thrissur. All retired faculty who were a part of St Mary's College are its members. SMART is associated with many social, cultural and charitable activities benefitting many deserving students and people in and around our institution. SMART maintains a very cordial relationship with the faculty of the College. They visit and interact with faculty and students and are strong pillars of support for the Institution. They participate in major activities of the college and are invited for College Day Programmes and Retirement functions. Retired faculty serve as resource persons, provides expert classes, judge competitions and so on. They contribute to both academic and non-academic activities. They fund Scholarships and free ships for students and staff. Their service to society is worth mentioning. College serves as venue for various SMART meetings, Onam and Christmas celebrations and Felicitation functions. They join hands with alumnae for organizing various programmes.