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To provide a firm basis and in-depth knowledge in Biochemistry.


To create an exciting, dynamic research – centered approach to learn Science.

History of the Department

Biochemistry opens a wonderful world which combines different areas of biology and chemistry. It is the branch of biological sciences concerned with the study of all biochemical reactions and their applications in the living systems. As a part of Biotechnology and Microbiology Curriculum Biochemistry staffs were appointed in our college, from 2000 onwards. Biochemistry as a compulsory subsidiary for BSc. Microbiology and main paper for for MSc Microbiology. BSc Microbiology course was regularized in the year 2010 and permanent faculty was appointed in our department in 2012 February. Now the department consists of 2 faculties.

Department offers a fantastic area of research to the students. Apart from the regular activities we encourage students to think differently and had guided BSc and MSc students for their academic projects. Department also encourages students to convert their work to publications. We are guiding two or three batch of BSc students for their project work and we had guided 11 MSc students both inside and outside the campus. We also provided research help for the students pursuing PhD from various fields of life sciences both inside and outside the campus. PhD students from St. Thomas College Thrissur, Kerala Agricultural university are some among them. Students from various colleges and schools were also mentored for their projects. We established research extension activities with well reputed personalities from various institutes. Department also mentored students for various governmental and nongovernmental funded projects apart from their regular academic projects. Dr. Deepa G Muricken mentored students for YUVA mastermind state level innovation competition and secured prizes for 3 projects. We also extended our hands in framing academic syllabus for the students and also encouraged E-learning activities.

We are making students aware on social and environmental concerns and encourage them to participate in various activities and conduct awareness programs of the concern area. Department also organized national and regional seminars and webinars on relevant topics.

Programme (Courses offered)

BSc Biochemistry Complementary course 1
Total Credits :12 (Internal 20% , External 80%)

Semester Code No Course Title Hrs/Week Total Hrs Mark
I BCH1C01 Biochemistry 1 2 50 80
I BCH1C05 Biochemistry practicals 2    
II BCH2C02 Biochemistry II 2 54 80
II BCH1C05 Biochemistry practicals 2    
III BCH3C03 BiochemistryIII 3 54 80
III BCH1C05 Biochemistry practicals 2    
IV BCH4C04 Biochemistry IV 3 54 80
IV BCH1C05 Biochemistry practicals 2    

MSc Microbiology

Semester Code No Course Title Hrs/Week
I MB1C01 General Biochemistry and Microbial Metabolism 4
I MB2C02 Biophysics and Instrumentation 3
I MB1P01 Practical I 6
II MB2C05 Principles of Genetics 5

Collaboration/ Linkages

Collaborating Person Purpose Date    
EMMRC Calicut Developing MOOC Course 2019-2021    
KFRI (Centre for Analytical Instrumentation) Hands on training programme 2020-21    
Vsense Industry Product development 6/3/2020    
Oxford College of Science Student project 2018-19    
Ms Anupama T V ,
Kerala Agricultural University
Discussion on PhD thesis 2018-19    
Dr. Lincy Sara Varghese,
B K College Amalagiri
Research work and Publication 2016-18    
Dr. Bobby Joseph, Professor,
Department of Conservative and Endodontics, Al-Azar Dental College Thodupuzha
Research work and Publication 2016-17    
Dr. Sabu Thomas (Vice Chancellor)
Dr. Jiya Jose, M G University
Research work and Publication 2016-19    
Dr. Joyce Jose, St. Thomas College Thrissur
PhD work of students


Seminar / Workshop/ Conference Conducted

Title Level Organising/ Funding Agency Date
Webinar on “A LINK BETWEEN HEALTH PRACTICES AND LIFE STYLE DISEASES” National Department of Biochemistry & Department of Physical Education 10th June 2020
Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights
Regional Department of Biochemistry and Research Forum
Webinar on “A LINK BETWEEN HEALTH PRACTICES AND LIFE STYLE DISEASES” National Department of Biochemistry & Department of Physical Education 10th June 2020
Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Regional Department of Biochemistry and Research Forum 7/11/2018
A UGC sponsored National Seminar on
"Microbes for Green Environment"
National UGC 21-22 August 2014


Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator Department Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of the project Name of the Funding Agency
MOOC ‘Basic Concepts in Enzymology’ Dr. Deepa G Muricken Biochemistry 2019-2021 Running Running SWAYAM, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Isolation and purification of putative lipase from Eupatorium odoratum Dr. Deepa G Muricken Biochemistry 1 2014-16 105000 2014-16 UGC
Synthesis of Herbal mosquito repellant Dr. Deepa G Muricken Biochemistry 2015-16 8000 2015-16 Malayala manorama & IBS
Biogenic wound healing material Dr. Deepa G Muricken Biochemistry 2016-17 9500 2016-17 Malayala manorama & IBS
Emergency water purification cartridge Dr. Deepa G Muricken Biochemistry 2018-19 8000 2018-19 KSTEC Student Project
Synthesis of herbal mosquito repellant Dr. Deepa G Muricken Biochemistry 2019-20 Financial support 2019-20 Vsense industry

Event Calendar

Event Title Type Details Event Date
Global hand washing day Online  awareness programme
Conducted an awareness skit on how to use hand wash properly.  The skit was performed by II BSc Microbiology students and released it in social media, YouTube.


15 October 2021
Invited talk on Reality and Illusion Online mode
Resource person-Prof. MRN Murthy, retd. Scientist from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore , professor in IBAB, Bangalore.
5 August 2021
MOOC Basic concepts in Enzymology
Online course
CEC, Swayam portal, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India,
July 2021 onwards
Yoga Day Celebration
Online demonstration and awareness programme
Resource person- Dr. Aneeja T N , Medical officer Ayush wellness centre, Smt. Renuka Divakaran, Ayush Gramam, Irinjalakkuda
Restore God’s own country: Lets start from our home.
Awareness and demonstration on solid waste management
NCC St. Mary’s College Thrissur
Microbial contamination and water quality HANDS-ON TRAINING PROGRAMME IN WATER QUALITY Resource person- Dr. Deepa G Muricken 22/03/21
Developing online course at EMMRC Calicut HANDS-ON TRAINING PROGRAMME IN WATER QUALITY Subject matter expert on the course Basic concepts in Enzymology 22-26 Feb 2021
Induction Programme (First Year, Microbiology) Online mode Conducted a Skit – Gratitude Towards People around Us 10th and 12th Nov 2020
Different approaches in Vaccine Production National Webinar Resource person- Dr. Deepa G Muricken 26th August 2020
National Webinar on  A Link Between Health Practices And Life Style Diseases Webinar Resource Person – Dr.Shinomol George,Bangalore, Conducted through G Meet on 10th June 2020 10th June 2020
Awareness talk on Nipah and other monsoon diseases Awareness programme Dr.Satheesan T V, District programme manager of Health Department Thrissur 18 June 2019
Awareness talk on Rabies: Prevention and treatment Awareness programme Dr Kavya Karunakaran. Junior Administrative medical officer, Thrissur. 27th September 2019
Salad fest Awareness programme on nutritional contents in food Conducted for II BSc Microbiology students 7th January 2020
Chekutty making workshop Workshop Dr. Kavitha S Kumar was the Co-coordinator for the Chekutty making workshop in connection with World Heritage Week-2018 and Quami Ekta Week-2018 organised by Archeological Survey Of India,Thrissur Circle. Venue: St Mary’s College. 22.11.2018
Cleaning Mission Social Activity As a part of UBA inauguration at Madakkathara panchayath, Dr. Deepa G Muricken from Department of Biochemistry and Dr. Binu K, Sociology department, Students of I MSc microbiology, NCC and IIIrd BSc chemistry conducted survey and cleaning mission at the Madakkathara gramapanchayath. 08.06.2018
Health Survey Social Activity In connection with Health department, Thrissur District, Dr. Deepa G Muricken, Biochemistry department, Dr. Jimtha John Microbiology department and III BSc Microbiology students conducted health survey at 12 th ward Thrissur corporation. 28.06.2018
Cleaning of wells post flood Social Activity Dr. Deepa G Muricken, Biochemistry department and sports students of St. Mary’s College conducted the cleaning of well in sports land and super chlorination was continued for a month after the flood disaster. 06.08.2018
Talk on Intellectual Property rights Invited Talk Biochemistry department and research forum conducted a class on Intellectual property rights for PG students of St. Marys College by Dr. Leon Ittiachen, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Sahrudaya College of Engineering and Technology 07.11.2018
Sale of Mosquito Repellent Social Activity Department formulated the herbal mosquito repellant and sale of herbal mosquito repellent was conducted in our college campus. 06.07.2017


Name of Faculty Platform on which E-Content is developed Link
Dr. Deepa G Muricken You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqu3s5Iblupycwt5JdMrnNg
Dr. Deepa G Muricken Blog https://www.blogger.com/u/3/blog/posts/4319672494327514495?pli=1

Faculty Profile

Activity Report