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Encouraging and ensuring innovations in society for sustainable management of environment and understanding life processes


Redefining life, Enhancing the knowledge base and generating a highly skilled human resource, by intersecting and unlocking the strength of biology and technology for empowering mankind. Sources are everywhere around us; we just need to find the way to exploit them sustainably.


The department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2000, with the introduction of BSc. Biotechnology vocational course, under the sponsorship of UGC. The course was inaugurated by Sri. Thomas Jacob, vice-president, AVT Biotechnology division, Cochin on 28th August 2000. The MSc. course in Biotechnology and the modified state-of-art laboratory equipped with sophisticated infrastructure was inaugurated by Mar Andrews Thazhath, Arch Bishop of Thrissur in the year 2003. The self-financing under graduate and post graduate courses offered by Calicut university is comprised of various subjects like Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, rDNA Technology, Plant Tissue Culture, Immunology, Animal Cell Technology and General Microbiology. Choice Based Credit Semester System (CCSS) is being followed and the current intake is 40 and 16 students in BSc. and MSc. Biotechnology respectively.

Department has organized various state and National Seminars funded and in collaboration with state and national departments like KSCSTE, DST, Indian Academy of Science etc.. Two day Science Academies National level workshop on “Frontier areas of Biotechnology” was organized in collaboration with IAS Bangalore,INSA New Delhi, AS Allahabad. Several activities comprising hands on workshops, lecture series, national level seminar was carried out as part of science popularization program under the banner “Swastha Sudhdhi” funded by KSCSTE. Department conducted National science day celebrations during academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18 funded by KSCSTE and DST. Faculty members of the Department have publications in peer reviewed national and international journals, book chapter publications and presentations in several National and International Conferences. Three Minor Research projects sponsored by KSCSTE and one Science Popularization Programme funded by KSCSTE, National science day celebrations during 2017-17 and 2017-18 funded by KSCSTE in association with DST were successfully completed by the faculty members. The department ensures that the student community is provided with training and learning opportunities in the skills and specialized knowledge needed to equip them for a career in or research and development. Every academic year, students bring laurels to the college and department by securing top positions in the university examinations.

Department has signed MoU with various institutions like RARS, Pattambi; ICAR-CIFT, Yaazh Xenomics, Aeka Biochemicals pvt. Ltd., Scire science, Stellixir etc. for the internships, research trainings and other academic purposes.

Programme (Courses offered)

UG Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Aided/Self Financing Duration Student Strength Complimentary Courses
1 BSc Self-Financing 3 Years 40 Environmental Biotechnology

PG Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Aided/Self Financing Duration Complimentary Courses
1 MSc Biotechnology Self-Financing 2 years 20

Student Capability Enhancement Programmes

Sl. No Name of the Programme Type Duration Student Strength
1 Clay craft and surface ornamentation Skill enhancement 30 Hrs 40
2 Phytopharmacognosy Certificate 30 Hrs 36



Sl. No Name of the student Rank /Award Organization Level Date/Year
Naufa I Rank St.Mary's College, Thrissur University 2020
Anshi Rahman II Rank St.Mary's College, Thrissur University 2020

Co-curricular & Extra-Curricular

Name of the student Rank /Award Event Organization Level Date/Year
Blessy Peter Second Debate Sree Kerala Varma college Intercollegiate 28.02.2019
Aswathy J K Second Debate Sree Kerala Varma college Intercollegiate 28.02.2019


Seminar / Workshop/ Conference Conducted

Title Collaborating agency Level Date
Covid detection: Theory and techniques ThermoFisher, USA International 27-05-20
Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Biotechnology Sector Bioincubator-Manipal National 06-08-20
Fundamentals of Biostatistics MCAR State 11-02-19
Microbiological Techniques MCAR State 05-02-19
Trends and Innovation In Science Arts And Commerce -TISAC 2019 MCAR International 29-01-19
In silico Drug Designing and Bioinformatics MCAR State 23-01-19
Workshop on Biotechnological Techniques MCAR State 2019
Swastha Sudhdhi - Science popularization programme - Training on remodeling of worn out plastics KSCSTE State 23-11-18
Seminar: One day seminar KSCSTE State 16-11-18
Seminar: Solid Waste and its Sustainable Development (SWASM) KSCSTE National 27-07-18
Swastha Sudhdhi - Science popularization programme -workshop on vermi-composting KSCSTE State 12-12-17
Seminar- Phytochemical analysis of in vitro and in vivo generated medicinal plants College State 30-08-16
Seminar - A lecture on DNA and RNA College State 17-11-15
Two day Science Academies Lecture workshop on Frontier areas of Biotechnology IAS Bangalore,INSA New Delhi, AS Allahabad National 17-01-15


Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title Duration Organising/ Funding Agency
1 Dr Kayeen Vadakkan Microbial assisted the biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles by the employment of halophilic bacteria and evaluation of its effect upon bioremediation of recalcitrant textile azo dye 1 year KSCSTE

Event Calendar

Event Title Type Resource Person Event Date
Water Day Rangoli designing competition 11/3/2022
Women’s day Poster making 8/3/2022



Name of the Faculty Title of the content Type of the content Link
Dr.Anu P A Air pollution Video You tube

Faculty Profile

Activity Report